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Presented:Light + Building 2012, Frankfurt
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Various lighting moods can be created with this LED pendant light. Two bodies – a vertically suspended light rod made of black anodized aluminum and a horizontally floating, optiwhite satinized glass plate – are balancing each other out. Their height is continously adjustable. The rod simultaneously serves as heat sink and as counterweight. An LED with a small reflector is integrated into it. The plate, which always remains horizontal, reflects and disperses the light, as long as it is underneath the rod. When the plate is placed on the same level as the illuminant or above it, the light turns into a directed spotlight. D & D is ideally suitable for table lighting and is available in a dimmable and a non-dimmable version.

Diameter190 mm
Light regulationstepless dimmer
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