Incredible bulb

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Product description

With the EU ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs, the bulb in the Incredible Bulb pendant light has undergone an amazing metamorphosis: The filament has disappeared, leaving only the empty glass bulb. When lit, it is mysteriously filled with light, light reflections create an imaginary source of light at the point where the filament would have been. An energy saving halogen lamp, the Halostar Energy Saver 25 /35 watts by OSRAM, is fitted into the holder. The halogen lamp is integrated into the lamp holder together with a tiny reflector. With its downwardly directed light the pendant light is ideal for table or bar lighting. When dimmed, Incredible Bulb provides the very warm light that is typical of halogen lamps.


230V/sec 12V, Halogen Halostar ES, 35 W

Light regulationstepless dimmer
Diffuser/reflector shapedrop shaped
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