*Track wall light

Presented:Euroluce 2011, Milan
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Product description

*Track and *Track Wall are modular lighting systems for installation on the ceiling or a wall. The system consists of two levels: a power distribution system and the light sources.The former is a delicate backlit structure composed of slim connectors and octagonal nodes (octagons) in thin circuit board material (1,5 mm). Due to a flexible connector system and connectors in different lengths, the structure can be individually arranged. The system is installed (on the ceiling or on the wall) with magnetic spacers, or can be suspended from high ceilings on fine wires.The light source is a small globe (Ø 28 mm), consisting of two parts: the LED (with a lens to focus the light and a translucent plastic casing) and a heat sink in anodized aluminium. It has a light output of 146 lumens at a consumption of only 2,16 watts. The globe is being supported and supplied with power either by fine litz wires (ceiling) or by wire holders (wall/ceiling), which are fixed to the octagonal nodes. The carrier structure in circuit board material is backlit by small SMD-LEDs and illuminates ceilings and walls. *Track and *Track Wall require a single wall or ceiling outlet. The wall system can alternatively get its power supply through a small plug-in power pack. Planning via benwirth licht.



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