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Presented:imm cologne 2010, Cologne
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Botanic: A natural innovation from Bolon
The new Botanic flooring collection is a revolutionary breakthrough, woven vinyl flooring with environmental care. Botanic contains a new plasticiser, which, in turn, is based on renewable raw materials from the vegetable kingdom. Although the collection is inspired by nature's pluralism, Botanic is just as much a tribute to simplicity and resource efficiency, while taking nothing away from its expressiveness. The new collection will be launched during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2010.

"Botanic is our own garden, with a natural, colourful, product flora to discover and admire," says Marie Eklund, Design and Marketing Manager at Bolon. Botanic reflects nature's variety of organic architecture and wealth of detail. Nature photography and handicraft have inspired reflections of flowers, herbs and plants in woven vinyl. The colour range, also taken from the vegetable kingdom, features muted, rich earth tones combined with bright accents in yellow and green.
"In Botanic, we have created a tangible textile feeling. It has a modern look but flirts exquisitely with idioms from the past. The colour variations have been developed to match different needs. A calm nuance is very suitable for large surfaces and projects, but it is also possible to break it up with a playful stripe or a colour which stands out, such as the green or yellow," continues Marie Eklund.
Botanic is available as standard rolls or tiles, but just like the rest of Bolon's range, it is also available for unique pattern combinations through the Bolon StudioTM concept.

The Botanic collection and the new plasticiser are part of a major environmental initiative - Bolon® Green - where the goal is to be able to offer a completely environmentally adapted and climate neutral product. The innovative plasticiser has been made possible by close collaboration with universities and colleges and the rapid adaptation of the latest research to industrial production. "Bolon is driven by the ambition to lead from the front; to never stand still. With Bolon® Green, we now aim to offer unique products - in terms of design as well as the environment," concludes Annica Eklund, Managing Director of Bolon.

Width500 mm / 2000 mm
Height2.8 mm / 3.8 mm
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Bolon, Sweden

Marie Eklund

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