100% clothes rack

Product description

100% Coatstand is a new product that enriches the 100% range of products that Ross Lovegrove has been developing with Danese to create a multifunctional furniture and lighting system that blends harmoniously and functionally with the environment. It is ma

de of aluminum and of only one material like the rest of the 100% products.

A semi-finished industrial tube functioning as the body is combined with a molded element made of cast aluminum, which closes the opening by forming at the same time eight

comfortable hanger hooks. The shape of this end part, provided with rounded edges, is designed to best accommodate clothes and accessories without creasing them. The choice of the material used makes it a durable product, suitable for all types of public

and domestic environments.

Based on a simple and clean design, this product is very easy to adjust to any ambience and arrange creatively over and over again. It shuns the superfluous yet making a distinctive statement. 100% project is in line wi

th Danese’s principles of sustainable and responsible innovation - flexibility, availability, durability and subtraction – which aim at preserving the environment.

Height1750 mm
Diameter400 mm
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Danese, Italy

Ross Lovegrove