100% pendant lamp system

Presented:Light + Building 2012, Frankfurt
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Product description

Ross Lovegrove continues designing for Danese creating a 100% suspension lamp that draws from Ross Lovegrove’s open value and knowledge system: an unquestionable synergy between design and company vision. Research and testing continue, propelled by an int

entional effort to make the relationship between man and light increasingly intimate whilst new technological solutions lead toward important changes in terms of light design. 100%suspension comes into being. Based on a patented high technological suspens

ion system, the luminary is simple and light quality is outstanding. It is composed of a module that can function alone or be inserted in other configurations. It is a basic strip of light, a very light aluminium sheet only 5 mm thick, 10 cm wide and a li

ttle over a meter long that guarantees perfect illumination due to Power LEDs mounted on a flexible printed circuit that regulates light emission.

Thanks to a precise calculation of the sheet thickness and the flexibility of the printed circuit, it

is possible to minimize the number of elements that compose the light fixture. The central part – space created by thickness reduction - hosts the components while the lateral holes modulate the direct light emitted by the LEDs ensuring a dark light emis

sion in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Besides being adjustable thanks to the dimmer, 100% has been thoughtfully designed to create quality illumination but also to make the user aware that light consumption ought to be monitored for bot

h personal and ecological reasons. The circuit runs on top of the light fixture but in the central part, thanks to its flexibility, it descends, through a thin cut in the body of the lamp, and shows again in the lower part introducing a new way to modulat

e luminous intensity. An unusual product-feature, already adopted by Danese for other lights, allows the user to regulate light emission touching a suspension light dimmer placed on the body of the lamp. The modules can be used and appreciated as a system

or separately contributing to workspace enhancement and personal awareness and responsibility. The system fits connecting elements among the various modules at 180°, 120°, 90° angles so as to give the opportunity to arrange light and space freely. The us

er can combine different modules obtaining the right illumination, create comfortable spaces, set up unusual light scenarios and can dim the light as he/she pleases.

Thanks to its weight and handiness, 100% gives the opportunity to easily vary syst

em compositions in order to modify light according to space and work changing needs. 100% ensures best flexibility, a correct worktop illumination due to purposefully designed optics. It is basic but for such reason suitable for any personal or working en

vironment. The impact of the entire manufacturing and distribution processes is limited. In fact, little material is used, the procedures are simple, the different components are easy to separate, the aluminium is recycled and recyclable, and the weight a

nd bulkiness are bare minimum.


28x1W LED

Light regulationstepless dimmer
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Danese, Italy

Ross Lovegrove