100% pendant lamp basic

Presented:Euroluce 2013, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

100% Basic is added to 100% Suspension for those areas where the right lighting is necessary and there is no need to separate illuminated sources.

Like 100% Suspension, 100% Basic is composed of a module that can function alone or inserted in othe

r configurations. The design process is essentially a process of subtraction and light performances that become even more basic due to the subtraction of the visible lower circuit, in which the touch dimmer is positioned.

It is basically a strip o

f light, a single very light aluminum sheet that is only 5 mm thick, 10 cm wide and a little over a meter long. However, it guarantees perfect illumination due to the thickness of the sheet that modulates the light emitted by the Power LEDs positioned beh

ind it. The thickness of the sheet is carefully calculated to control heat dissipation and adjust the opening of the light beam from the LEDs with direct emission, which remain arrears ensuring glare control.

100% Suspension has been thoughtfully

designed to create quality illumination, but also to create more awareness in the user for best lighting and limited wastage according to situation. 100% Basic, without the electronics, is lighter. Thus, waste can be contained and the product is made eve

n more accessible due to the adoption of basic manufacturing processes.

It is the best testimonial for a responsible choice that allows the user to calibrate the product´s performances according to their actual needs. It is possible to have touch

dimmer modules in combination with Basic modules, so that the individual can become the absolute protagonist of his own workspace.


21,8 W x 1,09 W LED
10,9 W x 1,09 W LED

Light regulationstepless dimmer
Length1160 mm
Width100 mm
Height5 mm
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Danese, Italy

Ross Lovegrove

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