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Willi Bruckbauer is at the heart of BORA – the visionary, creative mind and driving force behind the groundbreaking cooktop extractor systems. With over 20 years of experience in the kitchen sector, the qualified master carpenter knows what people want from modern kitchens: a living space that meets their needs. Extractor hoods are simply not part of this picture: they are loud, ineffective and visibly intrusive. They also restrict the possibilities when designing a kitchen. Willi Bruckbauer’s vision was to invent an effective vapour extraction system that meets the highest standards in terms of both technology and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to continuous experimentation and discovery, an innovative system was devised that draws off cooking vapours more effectively than ever before possible. The work has been recognised by numerous prestigious awards and accolades such as the ‘Deutscher Gründerpreis’ (German Entrepreneurs’ Award), ‘365 Orte im Land der Ideen’ (‘365 Places in the Land of Ideas’), ‘red dot product design award 2012’ and ‘Plus X Award, Product of the Year 2013’.

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