"Bora X Pure" is the name of the new cook-top induction system with an integrated extractor system from BORA.

Pure performance

"Bora X Pure" is the name of the new compact cook-top induction system with an integrated extractor system that is extending the Bora program. Founder Willi Bruckbauer tells us in this interview just how the "Bora X Pure" is so innovative.
by Fabian Peters | 5/5/2020

Fabian Peters: Bora has in recent years launched three new product series, the "Pure", the “Professional 2.0” and the “Classic 2.0”. So what’s special about the “Bora X Pure” system that has just premiered?

Willi Bruckbauer: Today, design plays a far more important role in purchase decisions than it did in the past. And we are really doing justice to this trend with our "Bora X Pure". While the cooktop itself boasts a minimalist black surface, the circular extractor zone in the top has a striking design created specially for “Bora X Pure” – and what’s more its appearance changer if you rotate it. There’s a tilt mechanism that enables you to remove the extractor jet for cleaning or maintenance with absolutely no effort – and then put it back in place again.

What are special technical features of the “Bora X Pure”?

Willi Bruckbauer: The outstanding things is that all the "Bora X Pure" functions are controlled by a central touchpad. And it has an intuitive touch slider that lets you set the temperature, for example. When not in use, i.e., in standby mode, the touchpad is becomes invisible: All you then see is the backlit On-Off button.

Pride of place in every Bora cooktop is the extractor. What’s the one in “Bora X Pure” like?

Willi Bruckbauer: The extractor system is very, very quiet and yet extremely powerful. It has a super-efficient activated charcoal filter which can be replaced quite simply through the opening for the inflow and cleans the air of fat and smells. All the components that are in direct contact with the cooktop can be removed and simply put in a dishwasher when you want to clean them. The extractor unit is only 20 centimeters deep, which means you now have lots of space under the cooktop for storing kitchen utensils.

What functions does the cooktop have?

Willi Bruckbauer: “Bora X Pure” has four specially large flat induction cooking zones. Added to which thanks to its so-called bridge function you can unite each of the two front cooking zones with the one positioned behind it. As a result, you can evenly heat very large pots or roasters. Not to mention that the “Bora X Pure” has a three-stage keep-warm function that enables you to keep a dish at a particular temperature without that annoying risk of it sticking to the base of the pan.

How are the cooking zones and extractor system synchronized?

Willi Bruckbauer: The cooktop extractor has automatic controls meaning it regulates itself. It takes its cue from the cooking zone that has been set at the highest temperature. Put differently, you can ignore the extractor system and concentrate fully on cooking as the system works away on its own.

The cooking zones of the "Bora X Pure" can be united via a bridge function.