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Products by El Schmid

His life shapes his design. The Hispanophile EL Schmid is originally from Austria, where he was born in 1953. He started working with metal during his apprenticeship as a craftsman. In a second apprenticeship in Munich he became familiar with materials such as brass, bronze and silver and later studied graphic design, in which he obtained a degree with honors in "Corporate Identity Design". After gathering some experience with agencies, he broke away from advertising.

Together with his partner in Munich he founded „Schmid & Stemmann" in 1981. In his own master workshop he dedicated 10 years to the creation of individual designer pieces, which influenced the Munich design-scene substantially during that period.

In its catalogue "Nouvelles Tendances", the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris describes the work of the duo as "A wonderful luxury of the new German design". Orders are placed by the Kremlin, Kuwait and a number of spacial concepts arise. An article in the World Interior Design-Magazine W.I.N.D. quotes about Schmid and his work, "The material is the master". He discovers the soul of the materials, creating design with an independent character from the raw material. Cutting edge design and finest masterpieces are born.

In 1992 he packed his bags and moved to Seville with his family. EL Schmid and his design continue evolving. At international fashion fairs he became known for his spectacular design ideas for exhibition stands. Trade fairs like Who´s Next in Paris, 40º in London, SIA in Las Vegas, Interjeans in Cologne and Inspo in Munich are his canvas.

The year 1996 marked the beginning of a yearlong collaboration with Gunther Lambert. The first joint endeavor "La Scala" turns out to be one of the greatest success stories in the glorious history of Gunther Lambert.

In 1997 EL Schmid opened his "Manufactory" in Seville. From then on his team produced high quality products for Lambert. Further products like lamps and furniture were developed, which are still today a fixed part of the Lambert collection.

In 2000 EL Schmid met a new innovative business partner. A vivid teamwork and the joy of creation lead to the joint development of lamps and furniture for "Initials by Haans" with the Dutch company Haans. These sophisticated models are produced at the Manufactory in Seville.

At the furniture fair in Cologne in January 2002, Lambert introduced EL Schmid as their chief designer. In cooperation with the Lambert team, EL Schmid is the main thread running through the collection. He created refined furniture, lamps and accessories, which were introduced at Harrods in London in 2002.

In 2004 EL Schmid withdrew from direct responsibility for the Lambert design line. His international experience now translates into new ideas that he materializes at his Manufactory.