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Pioneer of his time: Sadi Ozis (1923-2012) was one of the foremost designers of Turkish modernity. The designer, painter and sculptor was the first to develop modern furniture in Turkey. Together with his friend Ilhan Koman, Sadi Ozis founded "Kare Metal" in Istanbul in 1956, the first atelier for metal furniture in Turkey. Due to the lack of raw materials in the period after the Second World War, the two artists experimented using materials such as wire, mesh and even water pipes for their work. But the market for art was limited: to ensure he could earn a living, Sadi Ozis started to develop “useful art” in the form of chairs. A very special creative phase that resulted in numerous classic products between 1956 and 1967. Sadi Ozis was a professor at the Art Academy in Istanbul; his work as an artist won him numerous awards.