Cosmos Prima

Product description

Life, culture, and style evolves. Now, experience Corian® as you never have before. Innovative colors and aesthetics take design a bold step forward. Innovative surfaces are infused with the variegated beauty of the natural world to form the alluring designs. Inspired by noble materials of the past and refined by modern science, the evocative patterns open the door to reimagining interiors and creating surroundings that stand out for their unique character.

These imaginative surfaces with nuanced veins and markings appeal to clients in search of spaces that convey a bold new direction and unparalleled sophistication. Embracing its heritage while moving swiftly to the future, Corian® has created three advanced aesthetics: Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They encompass unparalleled character and personality to satisfy a desire, strike a mood or complete a vision. These three new aesthetics celebrate the direction of decoration and color.

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DuPont™ Corian®, Germany

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