Sigma 8 large size

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Product description

Representative elegance produced by concealed fixings

The fixings for the large-format, 8 mm thick SWISSPEARL panels are invisible from the front, lending the façade a strikingly elegant appearance. This high-quality application allows the natural

character of the fibre cement panels to shine through particularly well. The SIGMA 8 façade system offers great freedom for design. The sizes of the SWISSPEARL panels can be selected as required, up to a maximum usable size of 3040 x 1220 mm. They are av

ailable in the unique colours of CARAT, NOBILIS or PLANEA. Special undercut system anchorages on the rear of the panels are used for invisible fixing.

Length3040 m
Width1220 m
Typecurtain /back-ventilated facades
Materialfibre cement (Eternit)

Eternit Switzerland, Switzerland