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Product description

Inumbra – aesthetically innovative, innovatively aesthetic

The Inumbra parasol has been on the market for several years now and is often used together with Gargantua, although no less than eight years separate the launch of both products. Designing a parasol with a difference has in fact proved to be quite a challenge. It had to be a parasol that equalled Gargantua in functionality and beauty. A parasol that could keep the usual jumble of slats, ribs, and cables out of sight and that offered a much higher wind resistance than the average parasol. This is why Inumbra overshadows all other garden parasols.

Exceptional lifespan

Fly-away or spontaneously opening or closing parasols might be spectacular to watch, but they are far from practical. Sunny days are after all hardly ever windless in this part of the world, especially in coastal areas. If you would calculate the average lifespan of a professional parasol for the catering industry, it would be much lower than the lifespan offered by Inumbra.

What is the secret? The fabric has an exceptionally high surface tension, and when opened it has an almost flat surface, whilst offering enough inclination for water to flow off. The result? A parasol that can cope with wind speeds up to 8 on the Beaufort scale...

And what about the aesthetics? When opened, all technical components are situated above the parasol fabric. Sitting under the parasol you only see a flat surface. This solution has the advantage that the parasol fabric slides downwards when opened and ends low enough to offer optimum shade.

Facts & figures

· Opening and closing the Inumbra parasol requires surprisingly little effort.
· This parasol is available in a 3.5-meter and a 4-meter diameter version, with white or taupe fabric.
· Inumbra combines perfectly with Gargantua. In this case the table carries the parasol; there is no parasol pole under the table.
· Inumbra can also be used as a freestanding parasol with an optional in-ground mounting kit, a ground anchor kit, or a concrete above ground base with or without wheels.
· Inumbra has been submitted to wind-tunnel testing at the Von Karman Institute, a Belgian non-profit research organisation, to determine its wind resistance. Although the parasol can withstand wind speeds up to 8 on the Beaufort scale, it is advisable to close it sooner (from wind speed 6 is the rule of thumb).
· The materials used are highly durable: The high-tech polyester fabric has excellent UV resistance; the pole, ribs, and cables are made of stainless steel.

Height2027 mm / 2190 mm
Diameter3500 mm / 4000 mm
Materialstainless steel
shades of grey
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Extremis, Belgium

Dirk Wynants