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Product description

Sticks – playing with space

Only a few years after its creation, Extremis began to make its name abroad as well. In 2003 it launched the most internationally oriented product of its entire range: Sticks, designed by a Chinese-German couple living in Australia, put on the market by a Belgian company, and (partially) manufactured in Sri Lanka. Sticks is not only the most international product, it is also the greatest commercial success for Extremis to the present day.

Transparent yet private

Hsu-Li Teo and Stefan Kaiser drew inspiration for Sticks from the screens that were hugely popular in the 1950s. Dirk Wynants immediately saw the potential of their practical and versatile design. Extremis refined the design and made it into a commercial success. Sticks ended the search for a multiuse screen with both indoor and outdoor applications, as it is not blown over by the wind.

This space divider is therefore ideal for creating a feeling of privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical for open spaces. You can however also use it indoors to adapt a room's look or arrangement entirely to your own taste. With Sticks you can create your own space over and over again.

Sticks Curved

In addition to the rectangular Sticks, the range also comprises a curved-based version. This curved base combines perfectly with a rectangular or another curved base allowing you to create all kinds of patterns: a straight line, an angle, a wave line, a semicircle, or why not a circle (with twenty curved bases you can make a 4-meter diameter circle). You can also choose which and how many rods you use and create various degrees of transparency, colour combinations, or differences in length.

Sticks Enlightened

Sticks in itself already creates a play of light and shadows, but if you opt for bases with integrated LED lighting - available for indoor and outdoor use – you get truly surprising light effects. In short, Sticks is an ideal tool for stirring the end user's imagination...

Facts & figures

· Each Sticks consists of a base and a set of glass fibre rods.
· The range comprises rubber bases (indoor and outdoor use) and wooden bases (natural or dark – indoor use only).
· The rods are available in white, light mint green, wood colour, green, and black.
· The standard length of the rods is 180 cm, but they are also available in other lengths: 120, 150, or 210 cm.
· Sticks can optionally be equipped with a hallstand or used as a display.

Materialfibreglass (GRP)
shades of green
shades of brown
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Extremis, Belgium

Hsu-Li Teo

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