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Hsu-Li Teo and Stefan Kaiser drew inspiration for Sticks from the screens that were hugely popular in the 1950s. Dirk Wynants immediately saw the potential of their practical and versatile design. Extremis refined the design and made it into a commercial success. Sticks ended the search for a multiuse screen with both indoor and outdoor applications, as it is not blown over by the wind. This space divider is therefore ideal for creating a feeling of privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical for open spaces. You can however also use it indoors to adapt a room’s look or arrangement entirely to your own taste. With Sticks you can create your own space over and over again.

Our Sticks have always been one of the most popular items of our collection. High time to come up with an “extreme make-over”. In fact, a whole new type of indoor Sticks have been launched during IMM Köln 2012, with much smaller bases and meant to be used as a screen or even a folding screen, with the possibility to place it in round or curved shapes as well.

Length1201 mm / 1602 mm / 2002 mm
Height1800 mm
Materialfiber glass
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Extremis, Belgium

Stefan Kaiser

Hsu-Li Teo

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