Edison The Grand, The LED Revolution

Product description

Beauty comes from the inside and shines its warm glow to the outside.

Edison the Grand was already beautiful from the outside, but now his inner beauty became even more radiant. Thanks to the wonder-fuller world of LED technology.

He obvi

ously got his name from the inventor of the light bulb (1879): Thomas Edison. But his big appearance is far from old and dusty. And Edison the Grand's new inner works probably would make the real Edison feel proud. Why? The source of Edison the Grand's

enchanting glow used to be some energy-saving light bulbs, but now he shines because of LED technology. Perhaps we are witnessing the moment that Edison the Grand steps out of the shadow of the spirit of Thomas Edison, with all respect.

The wa

y we use this technology for Edison the Grand is revolutionary, because we worked with it on this big of a scale. This definitely makes Edison the Grand live up to his name. And in spite of using LED technology, his light hasn't lost any of its warmth

. Edison the Grand still makes any kind of darkness around him disappear, to replace it with his soothing glow. Last but not least, the LED technology brings a super, extra, bonus to the table: it makes Edison the Grand glow all the way from tip to toe

! All the contours of his incredible physique are now perfectly accentuated, like a sexy sports car in a smoky wind tunnel.

Like if super duper use of LED technology is not enough, we also added our signature red Fatboy label to Edison the Gran

d's armature. And on top of this topping, he gets his power through a red electrical cord now. It will be very hard to miss this as a member of the Fatboy family now.



Emission classA++ - A
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapeconic
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Fatboy®, Netherlands

Alex Bergman

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