Edison the petit 2.0

Presented:imm cologne 2012, Cologne
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Product description

The new Edison the Petit boasts a few next generation crazy awesome specifications that (literally and figuratively) make her shine from head to toe.

Just like her big brother, Edison the Petit got her name from the inventor of the light bulb (1

979): Thomas Edison. But her tiny appearance is far from old and dusty, because her new inner works with LED technology probably would make the real Edison feel proud. Unlike her old self, she now glows all the way from tip to toe. All elegant contour

s of her small physique are beautifully accentuated like a hot supermodel wearing lingerie. Sometimes changes on the inside can make a lot of difference on the outside.

Edison the Petit is wireless, so you can bring her literally everywhere. She

's only 25 cm tall and fits almost everywhere. Place her on your desk, on a shelf, on the top of your head, use her as a walking light in the baby room, or take her out to camping. She will light the place up wherever you may take her. The eye-catchin

g red Fatboy logo is actually the on and off switch of Edison the Petit. Pull it and she will change the brightness of her glow, giving you the choice of three different light intensities.

A totally new feature is the possibility to charge her v

ia USB. Fully charged, she will last about six hours being the most playful light source around the house. And in spite of using LED technology, her light hasn't lost any of its warmth while making her more energy efficient.

One may conclude th

at Edison the Petit is acting big in all her smallness. Small lamp. Small price? Her new upgrades literally give her added value, which means the price of Edison the Petit went up a little bit. But still a small price to pay for one of the newest and f

unniest LED light source you will spot for a while.



Emission classA++ - A
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapeconic
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Fatboy®, Netherlands

Alex Bergman

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