Grow 37

Grow 37
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Product description

The idea behind Grow was to let creative minds invent a whole new concept for trellises. After all, a trellis is not always a visually attractive item, and it can take a long time before they are covered. The basic principle has been well thought-out - a

modular system which offers every opportunity for different arrangements. The members of the team were Louise Campbell, Eva Schildt, Michael Koenig and Stefan Diez. It was an exciting experiment, because nobody knew how it would end. Everybody was very p

leased with the result: four different designs, and each one is fascinating in its own way. It will be almost impossible to find a building and a wall which will not be made more attractive with a Grow series trellis.

Width500 mm
Height500 mm
Weight200 kg
Colorsshades of grey
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FLORA, Germany

Michael Koenig