Bianca table lamp

Presented:Euroluce 2015, Milan
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Product description

Bianca is a family of lighting fixtures equipped with a hand-blown glass lampshade with a milk white coating and satin finish. The surface decoration of the lampshade is characterized by an orderly series of delicate channels which, on the white volume of the glass, suggest tracks in fresh snow. Hand-blown, belt-ground and then bathed in acid to obtain the distinctive ‘silky’ effect of prized glass, Bianca lampshades are available in three diameters that can be used with all 13 models in the Bianca family. The largest, in terms of both diameter ( 50 cm) and quantity of glass required, represents a genuine challenge even for the most skilled master glassblowers, accustomed to working with the traditional Venetian production method which doesn’t allow for the use of auxiliary devices to spin and shape the molten glass in the mold, using only their own skill and lung capacity. Bianca is available in the following versions: tabletop (with or without stem), floor (with stem and base), pendant, and ceiling/wall. The ceiling version can be installed singly or on multiple-format rosettes with 4 or 6 sockets to create striking compositions. The opaque white of the coatings applied to the various metal supports evoke the name, Bianca, and the color of the lampshade. In the Small (diam. 16 cm) and Medium ( 30 cm) versions, Bianca has a dimmable LED chip, while the Large version ( 50 cm) has an E27 socket that permits the use of different types of bulbs. Bianca emits a diffused light that is both warm and inviting.


LINE VOLTAGE LED / 2700K / 1650Lm / 230V / CRI 92

Emission classA++
shades of brown
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FontanaArte, Italy

Matti Klenell

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