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Presented:Euroluce 2009, Milan
Categories: Outdoor lightingStreet lamps
Urban spaceStreet lighting
Product description

Outdoor lamp suitable for different configurations. Main structure composed of one or two poles, available straight or bent. Each pole can house one or two supports for the lighting branches. Structure and branches in extruded aluminium with H section. The arms may be provided with four different lighting sources: two with Led and two with metal halide. The Led lighting source versions may be composed of three adjustable bodies housing each a board of 12 Led (18W) having 40° lens or of two bodies housing each a stripe consisting of 20 Led and 20W, warm tone. The Led stripes grant the best lighting performance for the illumination of cycling paths and pavements. The branch with metal halide lighting sources can house a 70W or 150W G12 bulb. A reflector in specular aluminium ensures the symmetric distribution of the lighting emission. Tempered transparent safety glass. Housing boxes for ballast positioned in the upper part of the branch. Both the lighting sources are housed in a stainless steel structure, polyester powder painted. Base for single or double pole in zinc-plated steel, polyester powder painted, provided with anchor rods and screws in stainless steel. The base may be entirely set into the ground of kept outside the ground. The lamp's compositions (single or double, the position of the bending, positioning of the lighting branches, choice of the lighting sources) must be indicated when projecting the lamp. The colour may be chosen by indicating the RAL. Upon request poles may be manufactured with fuses box positioned 1 metre high from the ground. Electronic ballast included. Minimum purchase order 6 pieces.


The LED lighting source version is composed of three adjustable bodies housing each 15 LED having a power of 1W each (6000 K), two with spotoptics and one with flood optics. The metal halide lighting sources may house a 35W, 70W or 150W G12 bulb.

Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Height5350 m
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP67 dust-proof/protection against: immersion
Safety classclass II (protective isolation)

FontanaArte, Italy

Pietro Palladino

Cinzia Ferrara