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Presented:Euroluce 2009, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

Hanging modular lighting system. Body in polished and faceted extruded aluminium available in four lenghts and equipped to house electrified reglettes for fluorescent lighting sources T5 of 24W, 39W, 54W or 80W. Each reglette is provided with DALI digital ballast and quick electrical connections. Closing plugs are provided as accessories. The steel hanging cables (max 2,5 metres) are adjustable in height thanks to an integrated ceiling fixing system. Transparent feeding cable. The fixture can mount an opal lined diffuser or a faceted aluminium darklight optic that can be easily dismounted to change the bulb without the use of tools. The optics have low luminance and comply with EN12464 rules. The continous linear installation is possible thank to the connectors provided with the lamp. For the linear installation it is suggested the positioning of the cables with a minimum between distance of 2,5 metres. Maximum wattage for each supply line is 500W. Recessed and semi-recessed ceiling version can be realized upon request. In addition to the four standard lengths, this lamp can be produced also in special lengths, with a maximum length of 4 meters.


1x24W (FL) G5
1x39W (FL) G5
1x54W (FL) G5
1x80W (FL) G5

Diffuser/reflector shapesquare
Inspection seal /certificationCE
Width600 mm / 900 mm / 1200 mm / 1500 mm
Height100 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Fire prevention classesF

FontanaArte, Italy

Dante Bonuccelli