Product description

A lamp with a simple composition, but rich in charm: it descends sinuously from the wall to form a support that enhances the trihedron, the characteristic feature, in a clean, linear whole. The form of the support itself, a shelf in coated metal, is emphasised through the language of light.

The transparent prism, with a satin finish at the base, rests over the light source, screened by an opaline part. When the lamp is on the prism lights up, spreading a soft glow.

Skilful use of the LED light source also permits brightness in the lower part: the more compact space of the shelf encloses a direct light, aimed upward and downward. The character of the lamp can be reinterpreted through the finishes: matte white liquid-coated steel and gold electroplated steel.

Width180 mm
Height300 mm
Depth133 mm
Materialacrylic (PMMA)

Foscarini, Italy

Ferruccio Laviani