Ferruccio Laviani

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20122 Milano

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Products by Ferruccio Laviani

Born in Cremona, Italy in 1960
He received a diploma in 1984 from the Design Polytechnic of Milan
He took his degree in architecture in 1986 at the Polytechnic of MilanFrom 1986 to '91 He is a partner in the STUDIO DE LUCCHI srl. and d

oes projects for different companies, among these: ABET LAMINATI, MANDARINA DUCK, MEMPHIS, OLIVETTI, PELIKAN, POLAROID, RB ROSSANA ,SWATCH. He curates the show "TECHNIQUE DISCRETES le design du mobilier italien 1980-1990" Louvre, Paris. He is in

charge of the historical section of the GRONINGER MUSEUM, Holland together with Alessandro Mendini. He collaborates with MEMPHIS taking part in the "12 new MEMPHIS'" MEMPHIS '87 and designing the stand for the Milan Furniture Fair and the show

room in New York.From 1991 to present He curates the artistic direction of KARTELL and designs their stands at: the Salone del Mobile Milan, Laeln Messe Koln, ICFF New York, the sales outlets (among these: Milan '97, New York'98, Copenhagen '00, M

adrid '02, Brussels '02, San Francisco '02, Istambul '03, Monaco '03, Bordeaux ‘03, New York '03, Tokio '04, Palermo ‘04) the corners, the shops in the world. He contributes to the creation of the "KARTELL OFFICE" concept '99 in whic

h he is in charge of the graphics project of the catalog and he creates the "Max" table '98. He designs and realizes the concept of the Kartell Business Museum ‘99. He is in charge of setting up event and shows such as: the presentation of

the book: "Kartell 150 items, 150 artworks" at the Triennale of Milan. He designs the lights Fly and Easy '02, Take '03, Bourgie '04, Gé '05 and table Four ‘04.Since 1992 He collaborates with FOSCARINI MURANO designing for t

hem the lights: the floor lights, Orbital '92 and Dolmen '96, the wall light Bit '93, the suspension light Supernova '01, the table light Lenin'01, Teorema'051992 He collaborates with IMEL designing for them the stand at the Salone del Mobile, Mila

n. He is in charge of the photography and design of the bed "Sebastiano" '91, the seat "Paola" '92, the table "Samir" '92.From 1992 to present He is the Art Director of EMMEMOBILI and designs: the table Edu ‘94,

the bed Rio ‘92, the table Ufo ‘94, the table Ferro ‘98, the bed 4 and the bed-head 12 '99, the day bed Sils '00, the table Sandro '00, the library Sami '01, the table Jan '01, Table Palermo'02, seat Roma'02, chest of drawers Lerici '02

, bed Capri '02, bed Shiva '03, the table Said '03, the saidboard Modular,'03, the sofa Dune ‘03.From 1994 to 2002 He had collaborated with Moroso, and design: the sittig System Malta, the Sofa Simple '95, the sofa Jorge '99, the armchair 40/

80 with Achille Castiglioni'99, the sofa Ginevra '00, he designed the refurbishing of the one brand showroom in Milan and Udine, he project several settings up of the showroom, Milan during the furniture fair.From 1995 to 1996 He is the Art Directo

r of the MITO, he designs the new logo and designs '94 the lights Itaparica, Bomfim, Olinda, Slim, Marina ‘94. He designs the stand for Euroluce, Milan.From 1995 to 1997 He had collaborated with T70 and he is in charge of the graphic project

of the catalog . He project the setting up of stand during the Milan Forniture Fair From 1995 to 1997 He collaborates with the FORUM COFFECCOES L.t.d.a. realizing the photography shows of the book "Welcome to Brazil" (Rio de Janeiro) and

of the catalogue "24 HOURS" (Gallery San Paolo, Sao Paolo); he curates the stage design for the presentation of the collection ‘96/'97 and the remodeling of the TRITON stores in Brazil. 1996 For PATRICK COX-WANNABE he curates the s

et-up for the presentation of the collections in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.1996-1997 For FONTANA ARTE he designs the family of chairs "Solange" chaise longue, arm chair, seat "Bobo".From 1997 He collaborates with COSMIT.

With architect Achille Castiglioni he curates the show dedicated to Gio Ponti and Vico Magistretti. Later he then curates the cultural shows dedicated to Bruno Maunari and "Techniques and Forms" for ASSOLUCE. He designs the other communal stand

s of the Salone Satellite. He is the artistic consultant in planning the stage design of the TV show "Ricominciare" produced by RAI in collaboration with Cosmit.From 1997 For the event ABITARE IL TEMPO, Verona, he participates in the show

with Ettore Sottsass, Issey Miyake, Achille Castiglioni and Andrea Branzi. In the exhibition "1999 Italy - Europe. Scenes from young design" he designs the general set-up of the area dedicated to "Multi-media Design" and exposes, in a

section of the show "From product design to strategic design", some of his products. In the edition of ABITARE IL TEMPO, 2000 he curates the set up of the show "Tempo e Abitare" and participates in the show "Dafne or il compiment

o del classico".From 1997 to present He collaborates with èDePADOVA" curating the image of the show room on Corso Venezia, Milan.From 1997 to 2005 He curates the Artistic Direction of FLOS SpA researching and creating for th

em a new expository system for their lights. He designs the stands for the following events: Euroluce Milan, Interieur Belgium, Light Building Frankfurt, Birmingham England. He does the plans for the remodeling and the set-up of the company sales outlets

throughout the world, among these: Milan ‘99-'00, Rome '98, Paris '98 /'04, Stockholm '99 Copenhagen '02 Belgio '03, Taiwan '04, Hangzou ‘04. He designs the FLOS Space in the world, among these; Dussendorf, Istanbul, Tokio, Colonia, Telaviv,

Hong Kong, New York. He designs and restores the head quarter office in Brescia,Italy. From 1999 to present He design for DADA -ALTA CUCINA (MOLTENI & Co) the kitchen model Quadrante for which he edits the grafic and the artistic direction of

catalogue, and the kitchen model Vela Quadra. He project and setting up the space named "Cook Space Laboratory" during the Abitare il Tempo Fair in Verona 2000 For DADA he is in charge of the presentation of the kitchens at the Galleria

Meravigli, Milan, for the Salone del Mobile.From 1999 to 2003 he collaborates with PIOMBO designing the first company stores: Milan, Via della Spiga, Venezia Calle Vallaresso and the show rooms of Milan and New York. He curates the stage design fo

r the fashion shows of the men's collection and the graphic project of the presentation booklet for the sales outlets and the press campaign. He coordinates the PIOMBO CASA collection and designs some of the pieces: vase, napkin holder.2000 As a pr

ofessor at the DOMUS ACADEMY he holds several seminars, among them the one dedicated to "Seat Toledo". He is the art director of PANDORA Design s.r.l., for whom he curates the collection PANDORAMIQUE and designs the sets: "Toy Food" an

d "Beauty Food".2001 For FEDERLEGNO ARREDO he curates the stand of the international show "Abitare Italia" in Brasilia and is the speaker at the seminar "DESIGN ITALIANO HOJE: REFEXOES E PROJETOS", he is a professor in

the design department of the Politecnico di Milano for the program of laboratory activity concerning final synthesis, trends, products and strategies for fashion.2001 -2002 He curates the Artistic Direction, the coordinated and graphic image of ME

RATI s.r.l. and designs: the exposition areas, the stands at Cersaie, Bologna, the new packaging for the samples of the trimmings.From 2001 to present He begins his collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana creating and designing for them: the concept o

f the corners for the Dolce&Gabbana line; the interior of the new headquarters in Milan, Via Goldoni and especially: the show room, the offices, the sales area, the sales entertaiment area, restaurant, private area. Moreover he's in charge of the arti

stic direction, designing furniture and accessories. He design, with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, a new concept for the interior of woman, man and accessories space (boutique, shop in shop, corner) worldwide. He project the interior for the 1700 sq

.m. area dedicated to "man", in Milan Corso Venezia and in particular: the man boutique, the bar Martini, the Sicilian barber, the Grooming area, designing the general architectural project, the furnishing, and the accessories. He project the ne

w woman boutique in Milan, via Spiga 26 and the new accessories boutique in via Spiga,2. 2002 For SNAIDERO SpA he created the set up of the stand for Eurocucina, Milan 2002 He designs for CASSINA, for the forniture fair, Milan, the set up of

the show room in Via Durini.2003 He creates and designs the "SOCIETY CLUB" boutique in Montecarlo