Tobia wall

Tobia wall
Product description

In the floor version, Tobia is a portable luminator that projects powerful light upward. Slender, compact, easy to move, this lamp finds a place in any space: a concentrate of possibilities, packed into a simple sign.

Flexibility and functional quality are the strong points of Tobia. The central node is not just a graphic gesture, but also an invitation to grip: the lamp becomes nomadic. A high performance light point, where colour underscores or attenuates its presence.

Tobia keeps its portable character in the wall version as well, thanks to a special feature for easy attachment to the wall. The central joint permits orientation of the light emitted by the two ends of the lamp: upward, a powerful beam; downward, softer accent lighting.

Width111 mm
Height404 mm
Depth114 mm
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Foscarini, Italy

Ferruccio Laviani