VG 231

VG 231
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Product description

Release your creative side: The VG 231 special gas wok with super high-output burner. The Gaggenau VG 231 special gas wok has been developed especially for those who enjoy a little Asian influence in their cooking. It is not only perfect for the traditional Chinese round-bottomed wok, it also comfortably accommodates flat-bottomed woks and other large and robust pots and pans. The giant gas burner of the Gaggenau 200 series has a maximum output of 5000 W and uses three heat sources, a central, an inner and an outer ring, simultaneously. It delivers excellent results with the quick braising and stewing steps common in Chinese and Asian cookery and performs equally well boiling, steaming, searing and frying as required for more international cuisine. The VG 231 provides flexibility as well as raw power and includes a special low-heat mode starting at just 250 W, so you can also use it with smaller pans just like a conventional gas hob.

Width288 mm
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Gaggenau, Germany