Scale armrests

Scale armrests
Product description

The Scale Chair/Armchair is the latest addition to the Scale product series. All the products in the Scale series stand in proportion to each other. Similarly the Scale Chair/Armchair stands in proportion to the table sizes. It is scaled down to 1:1,6 of

the larger table Scale 1:1. This means that it has the exact thickness of the seat in proportion to the thickness of the tabletop. The same thing goes for the height and radius. The Scale Chair/Armchair is made in massive birch wood painted in white, bla

ck, gray, green and red.

Seat finish without upholstery
Base finish with legs
Backrest finish without backrest
Armrest finish with armrests
Material birch
Colors shades of orange
shades of grey
shades of green
shades of red
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Horreds, Sweden

Thomas Bernstrand