Scale table

Product description

The Scale tables come in three different sizes. The idea with Scale is that the size of all the tables comes in proportion to each other. The large conference table Scale 1:1 measures 2800 x 1540 mm with a height of 720 mm. The sofa table Scale 1:212 has

the exact height, length, width, angles and radius of the large table, scaled down to 1:212. The third table is the office/dining table Scale 1:14. This is also in proportion to the other two tables except for the height of 720 mm. The Scale table legs l

ean out 3 degrees, making the table a solitary object that preferably is placed in the center of a room. The Scale tables are made in one piece out of composite material with a top layer of gelcoat. Gelcoat provides a high‐quality visible surface and can

be produced in many different colors.

Length2800 mm
Width1540 mm
Height720 mm
Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
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Horreds, Sweden

Thomas Bernstrand