Fields easy chair/sofa with high back

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Easy chair or sofa with high back which screens off and gives privacy. Linkable, with smart connectors in black, white or silver, for creating larger seating configurations. (Easy chair with swivel function is always freestanding). The back cushion is included as standard but can be exchanged for a pillow. (Back cushion and pillow are available with or without button). Choose fabrics from Kinnarps Colour Studio for back, seat, back cushion and pillow (can be different). All units have black wooden base. 2 seater and 3 seater can be added with power socket in the base*. Easy chair with swivel function (swingback) has metal foot.

Kinnarps delivers an impeccable activity-based workspace with Fields. Promoting individual focus and group collaboration, this set-up sails straight into the future.

Fields is a contemporary concept that brings together the shared and the private, meetings and working alone, the individual and the group. Developed and designed in collaboration with the Swedish designer Olle Gyllang from Propeller Design, Fields is a range that supports tomorrow's way of working, developed for activity-based workplaces. With Fields you can create shared environments, meeting areas, rooms within rooms, creative environments and spaces for concentrated work or private workplaces. The different modules in Fields can be combined, linked together and placed exactly where you need them. With the extensive range, in combination with the large assortment of colours, materials and accessories, you can create the expression you want.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Width of seat580 mm / 1180 mm / 1780 mm
Height of seat420 mm
Depth of seat450 mm
Backrest finishwith backrest
with back padding
Armrest finishwithout armrests
Width650 mm / 1250 mm / 1850 mm
Height1330 mm
Depth630 mm
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Kinnarps, Germany

Olle Gyllang

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for Fields easy chair/sofa with high back

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CADFields-1-seat-FIHB1-BAW-2.dwg167.975 KB
CADFileds-3-seat-FIHB3.dwg1.599 MB
CADFileds-3-seat-FIHB3-CU.dwg1.652 MB
CADFileds-2-seat-FIHB2.dwg712.417 KB
CADFileds-2-seat-FIHB2-CU.dwg801.822 KB
CADFileds-2-seat-FIHB2-CU_191120_144617.dwg168.236 KB
CADFileds-2-seat-FIHB2_191120_144618.dwg168.259 KB
CADFileds-3-seat-FIHB3-CU_191120_144618.dwg168.417 KB
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