ED Mobile Pedestral

Product description

Ed designed by Daniel Lorch for L&Z is a mobile pedestal, folded out of a single piece of sheet steel. Rather than explicitly defining its intended functions, the open form offers the potential for diverse uses: As an agile depot for mobile devices, such

as notebooks, smartphones or tablets, as a coffee table with extra storage space, stacked to save room or as a spontaneous seat for visitors, Ed provides adequate answers to the new conditions of living and working. It is a versatile tool for life in a n

ew era, in home offices, co-working spaces and collective residential groups. The proportions of the mobile pedestal are based on standard formats common to the workplace. All components of Ed are manufactured in Germany and have undergone extensive tests

in regard to their durability.

Width 310 mm
Height 530 mm
Depth 460 mm
Weight 1200 kg
Cupboard front finish with drawers
Functions rollable
Material steel
Colors black
shades of orange
shades of brown

L&Z, Germany

Daniel Lorch