Sinus table

Product description

Combined, the Sinus Trestle and the linoleum-coated tabletop form the Sinus Table. It is in our interest to pass on the entire scope of our technical “and logistical” possibilities to our customers. For this purpose, the L&Z configurator allows you to com

bine the colors of the Sinus Table as you wish in real time. That means: You choose the color of the trestle, the linoleum surface, and the table edge to create one of 144 possible Sinus Tables. Whether a triad of camel, cornflower & blood orange, or all

in black – designing an individual table for home or the office is up to you.

Natural, high-grade and durable linoleum by Forbo is an ideal surface to write and work on due to its elasticity. It has an impressively pleasant surface texture, which

customers appreciate for its exceptional elegance and longevity. the matt finish is pleasant to touch, it feels warm against the skin and adapts to the temperature of its surroundings.

The table edge bands are made of resilient ABS plastic. The co

re consists of laminboard (fir wood) with poplar wood veneer and a very thin MDF decking. This ensures superb load capacity as well as bending stiffness even in very large formats, unlike chipboard. This five-layer core is exclusively produced for our tab

le tops using regional woods.

Width1800 mm / 2100 mm
Height740 mm
Depth900 mm
Table top shaperectangular
shades of grey
shades of blue
shades of orange
shades of brown
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L&Z, Germany

Daniel Lorch