Presented:Orgatec 2016, Cologne
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsWall mounted lights
Product description

Garbí is a wall lamp, a single solid volume made of soft, regular surfaces that meet to create precise edges. 

The indirect light from the LED source combined with that of the space enhance its solid image, gently shaped surfaces and angles, for a striking graphic effect. 

The LED light reflects off the wall to create a sense of contrast, sliding into the opening to light it up and form the delicate image of an arch on the wall below. The opening adds depth to the object. 

Garbí is a lamp designed to function even when it is off, through ambient light, taking on a different character.

“I designed Garbí as if it was a sculpture, removing material from an initial volume and gradually observing how the light slides over its surfaces, accentuating the edges. I observed the sunlight in Valencia for hours and hours, shaping the surfaces and revealing the volumes. Then I attempted to transmit that sensation of balance, vitality and force in Garbí, a much smaller object made to light architectural interiors all over the world.”


LED 45W 


5200 lm (1188 cm) 

7800 lm (1747 cm) 

nominal lumen output

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular

Luceplan, Italy

David Dolcini