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The first encounter is with the surrounding territory. Fast was established in Valle Sabbia, where iron and material processing has been deeply rooted for a very long time. It was 1995, and the Levrangi family pinpointed aluminium as their material of choice: being light-weight, versatile, eco-sustainable and ductile, aluminium can be plied like hot wax in the expert hands of professionals. This gave rise to a new generation of outdoor furnishing solutions where practicality and sturdiness are combined with comfort and beauty: giving rise to genuine open-air sitting rooms.

The second encounter is with design. Thanks to the collaboration with Robby and Francesca Cantarutti, the brand's ongoing best-selling “Forest” collection was launched in 2007. On the other hand, it is the intuition of Studio Lievore Altherr from Barcelona which leads the brand to experiment, ten years later, with a new sensuality of styling silhouettes and most of all with new, sophisticated materials: with a wooden effect, weather resistant, with self-supporting fabric ensuring water drainage.

The third encounter has always been with nature: which constitutes the context within which Fast furnishings are located, but also the company's everyday reality, since it is situated in the midst of the woodland surrounding Vestone or beside Lake Garda, in the new showroom. It is a hybrid and diverse nature, where the outdoor lifestyle is expressed in all its facets: not just a garden, a seafront patio, extensive grounds, but also city squares, streets, terraces in megalopolises surrounded by skyscrapers. Spaces mid-way between indoors and outdoors where our changing, contemporary life takes place.

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