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Open-air living room

FAST is presenting three new product lines in harmony with nature: the “Ria” seating series, the “Mosaiko” table collection and the “Onda” outdoor rug collection.

Architecture in the Mediterranean region is often characterized by easy transitions. Rather than a building shell that is hermetically sealed off there are finely designed areas like patios, pergolas, veranda or terraces that function as intermediaries between the different temperatures of the indoor and outdoor spaces. A similar approach is taken by Italian firm FAST, which for over 20 years has specialized in outdoor furniture made of aluminum. This autumn with its seating series “Ria”, table collection “Mosaiko” – both designed by Alberto Lievore – and the outdoor rug collection “Onda” the company has added three lightweight, weatherproof lines to its portfolio, all three destined to foster harmony between nature and the built environment.

Designer Alberto Lievore describes the underlying concept as follows: “People have always believed that the interior of their homes is their real refuge, like caves once were. However, the current situation demonstrates that this is not always the case. Indeed, these days there is a greater appreciation for outdoor spaces. FAST has always had a close relationship with nature and seeks to share all the facets of this experience through its products.”

As such it was only logical that the seating series “Ria” should be informed by nature. The name derives from ‘rías’, a term referring to narrow coastal inlets. And reflecting the shape of the inlets the backrest is curved and enveloping ensuring a high level of comfort for the sitter. In the form of “Ria” FAST has also added rope to its program – the rope partly or completely envelops the backrest.

The “Mosaiko” table collection is modular in approach and thus takes up a key topic close to the heart of FAST: The individual tables with tops made of either plain or speckled aluminum come in various shapes, colors and sizes. They can either be placed singly or arranged in groups and combine well with furniture from other collections.

The rectangular rugs of the “Onda” series that FAST is presenting alongside its new furniture lines mark its entry into the area of outdoor carpets. The rugs are fashioned from polypropylene and are available in two sizes with three color options and two strips parallel to the shorter sides. All the rugs are washable and weather resistant.

Alongside its new furniture items FAST is also making additions to its fabrics and ropes. New combinations which are inspired by the chromatic diversity of the outdoors like the color spectrum of plants or the sky make for a feeling of Mediterranean openness and help to transform the outdoor area into an inviting “open-air living room”. (ar)