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Modular Lighting Instruments, a Belgium based designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-end design lighting, specialized in architectural lighting for large-scale projects, has been playing a pioneering role in the lighting industry since its foundation in 1980. Over the years, Modular secured its position as a worldwide market leader through continuous investments in its R&D department and the creation of innovative lighting solutions, which are characterized by an intriguing, somewhat off the company initially imported Mole-Richardson from France but soon evolved towards a pioneering entity in the lighting industry by introducing the first low voltage lighting onto the Belgian market. In 1983, Inter-Beams launched its own series of low voltage outdoor lighting: Una, Jules and Apostrophe, which were soon followed by the Modupoint jack system. From 1987 onwards, export became one of the company’s new cornerstones. The rapidly increasing internationalisation went hand in hand with a change of name from Inter-Beams to Modular Lighting Instruments in 1987. Ever since, Modular has become a byword in architectural circles, by offering total concepts going from design, prototype development and distribution to communication campaigns and light studies. After the death of Jan Meyfroidt in 2002, Paul Rommens continued the business, aligning Modular for the future. Modular was the first lighting company to obtain the ISO 14001 certification. In 2004, Modular was integrated into CVC, a British capital investment company owned by Partners in Lighting International (PLI). Lieven Messiaen was appointed CEO of Modular, although Paul Rommens remains a key internal creative force within the company.

Modular’s cornerstones
Modular’s extensive R&D department forms one of the company’s key strengths. The engineers ensure technical and creative excellence for the full concept development of new lighting solutions. Next to the in-house designers, Modular also cooperates with internationally renowned external designers such as Vincent Van Duysen, Joël Claïsse, Luc Vincent, Jan Blieske and Jan Dinnebier, who greatly contribute to Modular’s image and a successful concept creation. Modular’s lighting solutions show ingenuity and design awareness and are characterized by simplicity of design and the use of premium quality materials, which provide the products with a touch of luxury. The ability to meet the clients’ requirements and desires, combined with a high degree of flexibility to support these clients’ needs, has allowed Modular not only to illuminate, but to create an atmosphere that brings joy and enthusiasm to each individual user. Modular also holds a strong reputation for its dashing campaign images and trade fair stands which always raise a sense of surprise and marvel.

Modular’s highlights
Modular’s high-end design lighting has been integrated worldwide in prestigious projects such as the Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg (Germany), the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels (Belgium), the Ostend Casino (Belgium), the Armani headquarters in Milan (Italy) as well as in private construction and renovation projects. As a recognition for its daring approach, its unique creativity of product design and its commitment to remain an industry trendsetter, Modular received several internationally coveted awards. In January 2006, Modular won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its dynamic Every Square, a revolutionary versatile track spot that can turn around its centre point up to 360 degrees. Modular also received the Henry Van De Velde Award, thé Belgian award for ‘Design Company of the Year’. For its Cake lighting fixture, Modular also won the American Good Design Award in 2004.

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