Capturing the local essence

Located on the shores of Lago d’Orta in the Piedmont, Casa Fantini offers a pleasant combination of elegance and slow-paced living.
by Daniel von Bernstorff | 11/3/2020

Time sems to have stood still in the sleepy fishing village of Pella on Lago d‘Orta’s western shore. In the shadow of its geographical neighbor, the highly-developed tourist destination Lago Maggiore, Lago d’Orta has largely been able to retain its original character. The picturesque Isola San Giulio, home to a monastery where 32 Benedictine nuns live and work, and the main town Orta San Giulio with its promontory Monte Cristo, pleasantly convey the spirit of bygone times. And it is tucked away here that you find the charming boutique hotel Casa Fantini.

Anyone who wants to understand Casa Fantini should first become acquainted with Daniela Fantini. She has followed in her parents’ footsteps and runs the eponymous Italian fittings firm, which has always been located in Pella right on the shores of the lake. Daniela Fantini is the prototypical entrepreneur who is deeply rooted in the region, and a perfect blend of humility and openness. Once you know her own history you understand how the Casa Fantini hotel came to be which designer and architect Piero Lissoni realized in 2017. Abutting the old town of Pella, the hotel not only takes in a building from the 19th century but also an understated new building of wood, stone and metal struts that enters into a dialog with the existing structure. A wonderful garden with complete swimming pool links Casa Fantini to the lake’s promenade. The hotel has just eight double rooms and two suites, all of them located in the old building and all with a balcony facing the lake. Consequently, the public areas such as lobby, restaurant and bar are very spacious. Moreover, the precise, elegant signature style of Piero Lissoni is unmistakable: Exquisite, high-quality materials combined with Italian design classics enter into a casual, international symbiosis. In the hotel’s own restaurant, star chef Paolo Bullone pampers guests’ taste buds with a cuisine that is both sophisticated and down-to-earth.

Lissoni would not be Lissoni if he had not expressed his desire to not only build the hotel but also to transform the Fantini production and administration site on the lake shore. This has resulted in an impressive ensemble and every hotel guest with the time is also advised to visit the company premises, something that is possible after prior registration. And then it is highly likely you will meet Daniela Fantini herself, who still lives in her parental home between the hotel and production facility.

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