Cirrus Pavilion Typ PA

Product description


Designed for mobile use at events or seasonal events. The pavilion achieves maximum lightness and robustness at the same time thanks to the aluminium construction and the tight PTFE fabric, which allows a fast assembly thanks to the use of individual modules.


The Pavilion consists mainly of a PTFE membrane, a high-performance textile, which is not only very resistant but also translucent and light. It’s strength and exceptional shape is retained by the taut PTFE membrane through the use of MDT-tex tensile profiles and stainless steel connectors.


The PTFE fabric specially developed by MDT-tex, consists of PTFE multifilaments, which are formed from a plurality of twisted continuous fibers.

The fiber weight of 270g/ m², total weight: 300g/ m², tear strength chain 2000 N/ 5 cm, tear strength shot 2000 N/ 5 cm, water column >500 mm, color: white/ beige, light gray.

PTFE is also known under the trade name Telfon. It consists of linear, unbranched and non-crosslinked carbon atom chains. Fluoratoms form a compact shell around these carbon atoms. The valence of the carbon- uorine bond is noticeably strong, as a result of which the polymer has very interesting and unusual properties. PTFE is extremely resistant to chemicals, weather, UV radiation and temperature influences. Furthermore, PTFE is non- flammable and self-extinguishing (B1-classification). It has very low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

The MDT-tex PTFE fabric has pronounced anti-adhesive properties („self-cleaning effect “), which means that no contaminants adhere to the fibers. Furthermore, the fabric is characterized by its low extensibility, high temperature resistance (from -200 to + 327 ° C), very low surface tension (polarity) and non-sensitive property, so that it is able to unfold.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fabrics are excellently suited for public spaces and special constructions, as well as for sun sails, awnings, large-area constructions, projection surfaces and light ceilings and can be used as a material in weights of 300 g/ m², 450 g/ m² and 700 g/ m².

Sizes: 9.4 x 5.2 x 3.87m (L x B x H)

MDT tex, Germany

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