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Product description

We thought about a concept of kitchen which could be an 'encounter', regarding the materials as well as the employment opportunities. An encounter between antithetic materials: wood, warm, natural, welcoming, materic, imperfect and ceramics, made from fir

e, but cold to touch, industrial, aseptic, functional, perfect. an encounter between people in the kitchen archipelago where friends/guests travel from an harbour/position to the other with an idea of conviviality that does not count only staying sit in o

ne place. it introduces the concept of 'cooking entertainment' and makes it happen in a dedicated environment. the first encounter has developed a symbiotic embrace, an attraction of opposites, not completely predictable. the second one is left to the pas

sion of who will try to practise this idea, surfing without barriers from cube/island to the other.

ceramic (unspecified)
stainless steel
Colorsshades of grey

Minotti Cucine, Italy

Duccio Grassi