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Montana hi-fi is a new sound system consisting of a Montana Sound Unit and loudspeakers in three sizes that are designed for the flexible shelving system. Enjoy the music without technical devices to disturb the picture.

The Montana Sound Unit is a 2 x 100W amplifier and DAB+/FM radio with integrated AirPlay. You can choose whether to play music wirelessly from your computer, smartphone or tablet – or whether to stream via AirPlay directly from Spotify, WiMP or another content service. If you connect your TV to the Montana Sound Unit you will achieve the full film experience via the integrated loudspeakers in the Montana hi-fi units.

“The Montana shelving system is designed to be flexible – and to be assembled according to your individual wishes. For more than 30 years, we have concentrated on designing furniture which lives with you a whole lifetime: Montana can be adjusted to your changing needs as you go through life. Montana is more than just a piece of furniture – it forms a frame around the objects you place in it. And now, Montana can not only be seen, it can also be heard”, says Joakim Lassen, Director, Design & Communication and initiator of the idea of integrating good sound into the shelving system.

Montana launches the Montana Sound Unit and the loudspeakers in cooperation with PointSource Acoustics, a Danish company specializing in designing uncompromising sound solutions.

The Montana Sound Unit and the loudspeakers can be integrated vertically and horizontally in the shelving units and be placed behind a perforated front or a perforated retractable door – all available in Montana’s 42 lacquer colours. The loudspeakers and the Montana Sound Unit can be integrated in shelving units in depth 30 cm, 38 cm, and 46.8 cm. Montana Sound Unit is controlled by using a remote control or an iPhone app.

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Montana, Denmark

Peter J. Lassen

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