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Montana SOUND section 1-2-3

Now it becomes easy to stream the good sound: Montana SOUND section1-2-3 are complete stereo systems in specially designed Montana modules. Montana SOUND section 1-2-3 are intended for those who like things to be uncomplicated. Plug it in, switch it on, and enjoy the good sound without technical devices and cables to disturb the impression.

Montana SOUND section 1-2-3 are new products in the popular Montana SOUND series where the electronic equipment has been developed in cooperation with the Danish Point Source Acoustics. Superb sound and full compatibility with various forms of wireless streaming with AirPlay and DLNA.

Montana SOUND section 1-2-3 come in three sizes and they all consist of loudspeakers in size medium and a Montana Sound Unit. Montana SOUND section 1-2-3 are available in depth 38 cm in all Montana’s lacquer colours.

Of course, you may still design your own personal Montana SOUND configuration by combining a Montana Sound Unit and loudspeakers in one of three sizes with the many different modules, depths, lacquer colours, and surfaces from Montana’s selection.

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Montana, Denmark