Dokumentation "Jacques Tati, Tombe de la Lune" von Jean-Baptiste Péretié, 2021

The city on the screen

From 5 to 9 October 2022, the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) will take place, the world's largest film festival on urban development and the built environment.

For more than two decades, the AFFR has been exploring architecture, the city as well as its impact on society through the medium of film and offers an extensive supporting programme for each edition. This year's thematic focuses include insights into architectural dynasties from within the family itself, our treatment of the remaining buildings in the style of Brutalism and fantasy worlds created via film, such as "Fellinopolis" by Silvia Giulietti, which looks behind the scenes of Federico Fellini's legendary film city Cinecittà in Rome.

The cinematic contributions in the AFFR's 2022 programme include, for example, "Crooked Lines of Beauty" by Sven Blume, which draws a portrait of his grandfather, the Swedish architect Carl Nyrén, as well as "Robin Hood Gardens" by Thomas Beyer and Adrian Dorschner. In their eponymous work, the duo shed light on Alison and Peter Smithson's brutalist housing estate in London, as despised as it is celebrated, which was demolished in 2017 in favour of the regeneration project "Blackwell Reach" despite huge protests. At its heart is the eternal question of whether architecture can really improve society. In "The Best of the World", Hans Christian Post explores the darker side of Copenhagen's transformation into a photogenic, neoliberal urban landscape. The documentary "Jacques Tati, tombé de la lune" by Jean-Baptiste Péretié explores Tati's obsession with modernity and how he distilled it into the elaborate set design for his 1967 feature film "Playtime". Furthermore, in light of the crises that the Covid 19 pandemic and Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine have triggered internationally, the AFFR looks at the cinematic still from different perspectives. This includes the question of what would happen if we could briefly freeze the present in order to reflect on what would be the best way forward now. (am)


Otto Reuchlinweg 996

3072 MD Rotterdam

5 October, 7:45 pm (screening room opens at 7 pm)
Theater Zuidplein

Gooilandsingel 95

3083 DP Rotterdam

"Best in the World" – Trailer | Opening AFFR 2022