Arper 2022: ONEMM

With "ONEMM", Peter Kunz has designed the essence of a table for Arper – purist in form, resource-saving and robust in quality and simple in construction.

"ONEMM" is the name of the table designed by Swiss architect and designer Peter Kunz for Arper. And it lives up to its title, as the purist piece of furniture is made of sheet steel that is only one millimetre thick, making it very light. "In my opinion, the only reason to still design a table today is found in constructions and manufacturing methods that open up new possibilities," says Kunz, who was inspired for the creation by the monocoque technology that is also used in F1. The elegant tabletop can be complemented with matching legs in two heights made of metal or FSC-certified European oak. No tools are needed thanks to the clever construction with threaded sleeves. The production as well as the logistics can thus be carried out in a resource-saving way. "Aeeri" by Peter Kunz for Arper is available in black, white and red lacquered steel. (am)