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At Georgetown University Arper is busy combining function and aesthetics with a fine attention to detail and flexible solutions.

To bring together its various off-campus programs at a single place, elite Georgetown University in Washington D.C. chose a former TV studio as its extramural seat. Given the building’s prior use, its ground plan features a plethora of small rooms and a windowless façade designed to keep as much daylight as possible out of the recording rooms. Studios Architecture replaced this with a two-story glass façade that strongly emphasizes the building’s presence in the urban fabric. Moreover, in the atrium a central white staircase leads up to the rooms on the four floors. Bright wooden cladding provides warm accents. Small islands for meetings and recreation areas give the overall layout a leisurely feel: In the latter, you can enjoy using the seating courtesy of long-standing furniture makers Arper: “Catifa 46” and “Catifa 80” collections by Lievore Altherr Molina. With frames made of powder-coated aluminium, the “Catifa 46” chair is all about sturdy flexibility.

“Catifa 80", a low lounge armchair, has a far broader seat, but again has a light touch to it. With its aluminum sled frame and the upholstered polyurethane seat, the armchair is comfortable and generous without being heavy or bulky. And the attached writing table means students can seek peace and quiet on a “Catifa 80” for smaller tasks, too. All the building’s floors boast the all-rounder “Pix” collection by Iwasaki Design Studio: this family of ottomans of different sizes and with an array of colored covers serve as upholstered stools or side furniture. "A variety of Arper products were used in the project as a response to a clean, simple and timeless approach to furniture in both public and more intimate environments. Arper provides that clean consistent look whether used in lounge areas or multipurpose applications.", says Studio Architecture.  

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