West–Eastern Diwan

"Kiik" is the name of the new collection of seating furniture and consoles that Ichiro Iwasaki created for Arper. Robert Volhard spoke to the Japanese designer about his design, which was now awarded at "Stylepark Selected Salone del Mobile 2018".

Robert Volhard: All your designs - mobile phones, cameras, lights and also furniture - captivate with a design that is as minimalist as it is filigree. Which idea do you pursue with your design approach?

Ichiro Iwasaki: I am always concerned about people, because all design must refer to people. In dialogue with my clients I try to work out how this relationship should be created. Furthermore, respect for the respective cultural background of the client, his history and also for the object to be designed is extremely important to me.

The Pix collection from 2010 was your first collaboration with Arper. What distinguishes this collaboration for you? What is so special about it?

Ichiro Iwasaki: Arper and I are striving towards the same goal, even though we come from very different cultural spheres. Despite all the differences, we are usually very much in agreement on the underlying values. That is already an enormous incentive for me. I spent a lot of time with the Arper family, both project-related and private. I believe that this close relationship is the special feature of my cooperation with Arper.

Your new "Kiik" system furniture is extremely versatile. What is his relationship to Arper's product philosophy?

Ichiro Iwasaki: When working for Arper, it is important to ensure that the product functions in different rooms, in different contexts. I suspect that's why they liked the concept for "Kiik" so much.

What does it mean to you that "Kiik" was awarded the "Stylepark Selected Salone del Mobile 2018" prize as one of the 30 best new products?

Ichiro Iwasaki: My sincere thanks to Stylepark for choosing "Kiik" from the large number of new products. I would be very happy if this would draw attention to "Kiik" and Arper. Just because the advantages of the product cannot be conveyed by pictures alone, it would of course be great if the price encourages people to try "Kiik".