Antonio Citterio on the sofa "Noonu" by B&B Italia

B&B Italia 2021: NOONU

With “Noonu”, B&B Italia is advancing the concept of the sofa as an island of comfort. The collection designed by Antonio Citterio scores heavily for both its elegant design and its flexible format.

“Noonu” is a paradisiacal atoll in the Maldives, one that lures tourists to the middle of the Indian Ocean with its sandy beaches and turquoise water. Recently, however, the name has also been bestowed on a sofa from B&B Italia, designed by Antonio Citterio. “Noonu” harks back to the “Atoll collection” launched by the Italian furniture manufacturer in 2018. The designs for this were likewise masterminded by Antonio Citterio, which also explains the name of the new sofa, since it’s a theme that has inspired the Italian architect and designer for decades: “The theme of islands started back in the mid-’80s. We started referring to sofas with ‘peninsulas’ and ‘islands’, but that sort of terminology was, at the time, somewhat unusual. Nowadays, they’re part of our everyday vocabulary.” This is also evident in the design of the new sofa, since “Noonu” is made up of four elegantly curved segments that function either altogether or as individual pieces. At the same time, the load-bearing structure remains invisible, while the apparently hovering seat surface presents a blank-canvas archipelago that can be adorned with various cushions. The compatibility of the design makes it clear that the individual islands are by no means intended as isolated pieces. They match perfectly with items from other B&B Italia collections, such as the armchairs and stools from “B&B Atoll”, the “Mirto” accessories, or the “Diesis” or “Pianura” tables.