Summer breeze at the press of a button

“The GreenFan” by Balmuda promises a natural breeze at home or in the office. We put it through its paces.​
by Markus Hieke | 7/4/2019

How pleasant when, despite summertime temperatures, you can enjoy a slight breeze at your desk – even more pleasant if this is achieved almost noiselessly and feels very natural to boot. Japanese manufacturer Balmuda has achieved just that with “The GreenFan.” In design terms the fan, which runs on a direct current motor, employs two-layer rotor blade technology comprising an inner ring with five and an outer ring with nine blades that generate a fast and a slow current of air. When the two air streams mingle swirls are eliminated, instead producing a “gentle swathe of air” that is especially broadly distributed. Even at a distance of 15 meters it should be possible to detect a breeze, or so the manufacturer claims. Users can choose from four ventilation levels. And both the angle of swing and radius can be individually set as needed.

Without a doubt, a real highlight is the mobility of the device. Thanks to the optional “Battery&Dock” set the fan can be installed anywhere in the room without the need for a cable and after use can be recharged at the docking station. Balmuda promises operation time of up to 20 hours. This is all made possible thanks to the especially high energy efficiency and a selectable timing function designed to prevent the fan being used unnecessarily in the owner’s absence. When used as a floor fan it stands 87 cm high, but it can also be placed on a desk by simply removing the extension piece.

Of course, “The GreenFan” is not only intended for the workplace, but has a homely appearance and precisely for this reason looks good in modern office concepts. It comes in two different color versions: white and black or dark gray and black. With its minimalist Japanese design “The GreenFan” is wonderfully unobtrusive. The idea for the device comes from Balmuda Managing Director Gen Terao, who was a rock musician for many years before devoting himself to a completely new line of business. He set up Balmuda in 2003 with the intention of developing innovative electrical appliances. “Product development at Balmuda starts with us imagining a future that has not yet begun. But simply because it seems impossible at first sight doesn’t mean we can’t create it,” argues Terao. “The GreenFan” is an excellent example of this credo: with forward-looking technology and a fresh summer breeze for either the home or the office.