Bartenbach LFO downlights are used in the "Snooker" luminaire series from Prolicht.

From the background

Bartenbach not only plans light solutions for the holy sites in Mecca and the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Dresden. The company also develops very innovative lenses and downlights.

There are exhibitors at the Light + Building whose names are not necessarily familiar to design journalists, but which are highly important addresses for many luminaire manufacturers. This is because, as a technology supplier, they make many applications and designs possible in the first place. The company Bartenbach from Aldrans near Innsbruck is such a "hidden champion". Here, heavyweights in the industry such as Zumtobel or XAL have lens systems developed. But the Tyrolean company does more than just carry out contract research. In addition to lighting design for major projects worldwide, another pillar of the company, Bartenbach also offers products that can be installed directly in the building as well as used by other manufacturers as components for their lighting products. Three luminaires that received awards at Stylepark Selected Light + Building 2018 | Trendspot Design rely on the innovative Bartenbach LFO downlight: "Trigga" by Molto Luce, the "Lighting Pad" by Nimbus and "Minus Two" by Apure use this technology presented at the last Light + Building. The special feature of LFO downlights is the glare-free light they generate. This is the result of the special lens that focuses the light in the aperture, from where it is then glare-free distributed in the room. If the downlight is installed in the ceiling, the area below can be illuminated without a visible light source. The eight millimetre diameter opening required for this is almost invisible. Thanks to the option of installing two LEDs per downlight, the LFO system is also available with a "Tunable White" function: cold and warm white light components can thus be mixed to meet specific requirements. (fap)

The Nimbus "Lighting Pad" with Bartenbach LFOs
"Trigga" by Molto Luce also uses this technology.
Even when switched on, the light source remains invisible: "Minus" series from Apure.
Bartenbach LFO downlights in the "Magiq" series from Prolicht.
LFO downlight from Bartenbach
Functional diagram of the LFO downlight
Practically invisible in bright daylight: LFO downlights installed in an acoustic ceiling
The luminaires are only visible in the dark.
A "Tunable White" function is also possible with the LFO downlight: here cold white light
The same room in a warm white light.