Thanks to the L-shaped form of the villa Bernardi Peschard and Blancas Moran Architects could preserve the old trees of the park-like garden.

Memories of tropical Modernism

Architecture offices Bernardi Peschard and Blancas Moran have designed a villa in Mexico City that is firmly in the tradition of Latin American mid-century architecture.

On behalf of a private client, Bernardi Peschard and Blancas Moran Architekten have designed a spacious villa for a parkland plot in Mexico City. Relying on clear white cubes and an accentuated use of travertine for the outer cladding, as well as walnut and larch for the interior fittings, the architects have returned to the idiom promulgated by the Latin American Modernism of the 1950s and 1960s. The way the buildings seek to create a fluid transition between inside and outside worlds by relying on floor-to-ceiling glazing right round for the ground floor is firmly in this lineage. Slightly out of character in this regard is the bright purple stairwell. However, if one thinks of the intoxicating rush of color of the man who is probably Mexico’s best-known Modernist architect, Luis Barragán, then this detail also blends smoothly with the building’s overall appearance. (fap)