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Macro in the micro

Do you know what a “shoffice” is? Buzzispace has chosen this kind of office format for its new London base in the creative district of Shoreditch, enhancing the pleasant atmosphere with a whole host of acoustic foam.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 2/20/2020
The work islands in the office of Buzzispace UK are complemented by classic designs with a Nordic appeal, such as the "BuzziNordicST100" armchair.

“Showroom” and “office” combine to create this somewhat strange sounding term, which aims to convey the idea that here there is more to see than just a workspace. The “shoffice” is an exhibition space, office and meeting point in one, and when a space has to fulfil multiple roles, it needs to have structure. Buzzispace meets this requirement over a compact 50 square meters with numerous micro-environments. Anyone who needs peace and quiet to work in can withdraw behind the curtains of the “BuzziBracks” modular system with its grid made of steel rods and aluminum profiles, which serves as a plug-in system whereby a tabletop, noticeboard and hooks can all be placed at individually determined levels. For those who would rather sink into a comfy chair to work, however, or simply want to put their feet up for a bit while they gather their thoughts, “BuzziSpark” represents the perfect place. With high lounge chairs and plenty of cushions, it offers a cocoon-like space in which to relax and includes a small side table mounted directly on the frame as a place to put a laptop. For ever-hungry batteries, there is the practical feature of an integrated plug socket to supply power.

If you just need a space in which to work or make a phone call for a few minutes, meanwhile, “BuzziVille” and “BuzziBooth” are ready and waiting: With its zigzag shape, “BuzziVille” can be adapted flexibly to the architecture of the room, hence a number of small workspaces can be created in close alignment and yet with clear separation. Since the system can be used flexibly, it also serves as a room divider. While “BuzziVille” still offers a view of the room from each space, “BuzziBooth” provides the option of retreating to a sound-insulated call booth which, with its desk surface and indirect lighting, also represents the ideal place for concentrated work. The surfaces are upholstered with acoustic foam and thus absorb the noise of the surrounding area optimally while also adding a soft note to the atmosphere of the space.

The acoustic solutions in the offices of Buzzispace UK don’t end at the workstations: The lampshades too consist of sound-absorbing, ecological felt that offers plenty of options for room design with their different colors and forms. This is the case with the round “BuzziMoon”, the funnel-like “BuzziShade” or the cylindrical “BuzziProp LED”. The slender, artfully ruffled lampshades of “BuzziPleat” also make good wall decorations, and can be both decorative and functional when combined with the “BuzziMood” acoustic panel, which uses the sound-absorbing properties of preserved reindeer moss and combines this with fabrics and geometric forms.

The work islands in the Buzzispace UK office are in classic designs with a Nordic touch: The “BuzziNordicST100” armchair with matching ottoman and the “BuzziPicNic” table feature solid wood and thus add a natural note to the acoustic materials. Within the recesses of the wooden tabletop of “BuzziPicNic” lie plug sockets for the additional option of charging laptops and mobile phones during the meeting or the break.

In the Buzzispace UK office the acoustic solutions do not end at the workstations: The lampshades are made of sound-absorbing, ecological felt, which offers many options for interior design.