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Mail from Zurich

A consulting agency in Zurich has fitted out its rooms with BuzziSpace furniture, creating a relaxed atmosphere for brainstorming among clients, experts and developers.

Zurich’s Fraumünsterpost is a well-known address in the city at the foot of the Alps. The awe-inspiring building was completed and inaugurated in the year 1898. Until 2016, the edifice served in its original function as a post office. The main room, which once housed the magnificent counter hall, is now home to a discount supermarket, realized in upscale fashion. Next to this and on the above floor, consulting agency Accenture has set up shop in spacious rooms. The “Future Camp” launched by the agency fosters communication between clients and developers, as well as supporting the testing of approaches to digital innovation. Imaginative, new service and business models are to be developed here for the online segment in particular. This requires an open and flexible environment that promotes creativity. For this purpose, interior designer Gregor Neidig has created dynamic work zones offering open and sheltered areas depending on the tasks at hand.

As in the living room: armchair and a two-seater from the "BuzziCane" series
The upholstered furniture is accentuated by a black ash frame and a rattan meshwork.

In fitting out the space, Neidig looked to products by office furniture manufacturer BuzziSpace. Featuring the seating furniture program “BuzziCane,” made up of a sofa and armchairs with wickerwork elements, the inviting interior is great for casual meetings. The designer chose strong red and blue hues for the upholstery. Alongside these, the table from designer Alain Gilles’ “BuzziPicNic” series distinguishes itself through versatility: Discreet cable routing allows for diverse usage of the piece of furniture, employed here in the high table variety. The Belgian designer also created “BuzziMilk,” a bar stool that is more than just a seat for short breaks. The padded stool invites users to linger and strike up spontaneous and inspiring conversations. Whereas once upon a time the mail was the gateway to the world, it has nowadays long since been superseded by the Internet. Which is why Accenture has found the perfect home in the Fraumünsterpost building. The work done here, which thanks to BuzziSpace doesn’t feel like work, is bound to lead to many a creative business idea in the agency’s “Future Camp.” (mh)

"BuzziPicNic Meet" and "BuzziMilk Bar"
Creative playground in Accenture's "Future Camp" in Zurich
Stool of the "BuzziMilk" series